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Derek is responsible for all the content on the site because he understands sciencey stuff. He grows in Australia.

Ken makes believe he is a webmaster. He has been growing Rhipsalis since 1978. Scientific language about Rhipsalis goes in one ear and out the other. He grows in a greenhouse in Pennsylvania.

Jorge: A recent contributor who likes to search for obscure articles and understands technical terms. He grows near San Francisco, California,

What's New

Update April 1, no fooling: Here's the thing: this site was moved in March 2018 to a new host and has suffered from page loss. Not so much loss as links that have disappeared. Because the webmaster has no idea what he is doing, the reconstruction is going to be incomplete. What you see is what you get.

Keys to identifying species.

Miscellany: Files misplaced when the old navigation bar was lost.

List of publications: Jorge Quiñónez compiled a list of recent publications about Rhipsalis.

Rhipsalis experts: A long time ago, we laboriously added outstanding Rhipsalis academic research by Dr. Alice Calvente and Dr. Nadja Korotkova to this website, along with many references from older sources. Now a user can find just about every historical name cross referenced to its currently accepted species name with all the cited information. These researchers are today's experts on Rhipsalis. The rest of us are pretenders.

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