Hatiora bambusoides (Weber) Britton And Rose

H. bambusoides bud

H. bambusoides flower

H. bambusoides flower

Info from Britton and Rose
Reduced to synonymy under H. salicornioides f. cylindrica by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13

Rhipsalis salicorniodes bambusoides Weber, Rev. Hort. 64: 429. 1892.

Hariota salicornioides bambusoides Schumann, Gesamtb. Kakteen 613. 1898.

Rhipsalis bambusoides Loefgren, Arch. Jard. Bot. Rio de Janeiro 2: 41. 1918.Stems becoming 2 meters high and stouter than those of H. salicornioides;

  • Joints clavate, 3 to 5 cm. long, 4 mm. in diameter at the top;
  • Flowers orange;
  • Sepals obtuse;
  • Petals usually erect but sometimes spreading.Type locality: Brazil.
  • Distribution: State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

H. bambusoides from Archivos do Jardim Botanical do Rio de Janeiro Vol II 1918) 






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