Rhipsalis Bartlettii

Ex: Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, Vol. 65, New species of cacti from Guatemala, Mexico and Texas*, Elzada U. Clover (with 7 figures); New York, 1938.

* Papers from the Department of Botany and the Botanical Gardens of the University of Michigan, No. 662.

Detail provided by Peter Krebs 12/2003

Pp. 567 and 570, original text:

Rhipsalis Bartlettii sp. nov. (figs. 6, 7). Ramosissima, ramis pendulis, filiformibus, dichotomis, rarius verticillatis, pallide viridibus; areolis prominentis, dense lanatis, lana lutea-fusca; fructibus albis, globosis. Specimen typicum siccatum legit H. H. Bartlett sub numero 12720 ex "Uaxactun," Petén, Guatemala, in Herb. Univ. Mich.

Rhipsalis Bartlettii n. sp. (figs. 6, 7).

  • Hanging epiphyte, branches 2 m. long, weak and pendent, branching dichotomous, sometimes verticillate, light green, outer joints often less than 1 mm. in diameter, areoles prominent, filled with dense masses of tawny hairs, these 2 - 3 mm. long; flowering areoles not lanate, ovary sunken in the branch, fruit white, globose, 3 - 4 mm. in diameter; seeds black, reniform, less than 1 mm. long, testa reticulate furrowed.
  • Flower unknown.

Specimens were collected by H. H. Bartlett, Uaxactun, Petén, Guatemala, April 24, 1931. A single less ample specimen was collected for the University of Michigan Herbarium by E. Matuda at Cordoba, Vera Cruz, Mexico, August 14, 1936.

(Fig. 6 and 7 are on p. 569: Fig. 6: Habit of Rhipsalis Bartlettii. Fig. 7: Detail of same showing prominent areoles. - Both are photos of the herbarium sheet of No. 12720).