Lepismium puniceo-discus var. chrysocarpum (Lofg.) Backbg.

Treated as a synonym of Rhipsalis puniceo-discus by B&T in Bradleya 13
Desc from Backeberg 1977

  • Body shrubby, little branching;
  • Shoots in whorls, to 40 cm long., to 6 mm diam., more or less dark green;
  • Areoles. weakly. felty,
  • Bristles absent;
  • Flowers. solitary, more or less funnelform, to only 1.5 cm diam., white;
  • Style concolorous white unlike the type where it is pink below.
  • Fruit more or less disc-shaped, light orange.
  • Locality Brazil (Minas Geraes).

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