R. commune (meaning common); Bot. Mag. 3763.

    Detail from Cactus Culture - Watson 1889
    Now treated as a synonym of L. cruciforme
  • Stem straggling, branching freely, growing to a length of several feet.
  • Branches jointed; joints varying in length, triangular, the angles compressed, and notched along the margins; notches regular, and bearing tufts of whitish hair. Strong plants produce joints over 1 in. in width.
  • Flowers white, tinged with purple, springing singly from the notches, and composed of eight to twelve sepals and petals.
  • Stamens and stigma erect, white, the latter four-rayed.

This species is a native of Brazil, and was introduced in 1830;

Flowering-season, October to December. It may be grown in a warm greenhouse, and treated as a basket-plant or as a small pot-shrub. Syn. Lepismium commune.