R. coralloides Rauh (provisional description not yet fully valid)

Reduced to synonymy under R. baccifera ss horrida by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13

  • Body. bushily branching,
  • Branches 1 - 4, forming larger cushions. to 10 cm high; annual growth very short. 0.5-1.5 cm long, 0.5~0.8 cm diam, (5- ) 6 (-7)-angled, new growth more or less reddened, eventually greyish-green, constricted at the end of season's growth more or less chain-like;
  • Areoles. with (6 -) 8 (- l0) bristles. these thin, silvery-white, erect at the apex, dying off on old shoots;
  • Flowers. ?
  • Fruit. ?
  • Habitat - Madagascar (SE.coast, between Fort Dauphin and Manantenina, on gneiss rock-formations). (Rauh No.1385.)

Notes from Backeberg's Lexicon :- A similar plant (Rhipsalis sp. M 1298) was also found by Rauh: Flowers only 4 mm broad, Petals revolute more or less transparent, white.-Madagascar (20 km NW. of Fort Dauphin, on gneiss). (R. pilosa?, R. saxicola?).

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