Lepismium cruciforme var. myosurus (SD) Backbg.

Treated as a synonym of L. cruciforme by B&T in Bradleya 13
Desc from Backeberg 1977

Branching moderately
Shoots short to 3cm long
Flowers pinkish-red.

R. myosurus (mouse-tailed); Bot. Mag. 3755.
Detail from Cactus Culture – Watson 1889
Stems dependent, several feet long, branching freely, jointed, with three or four angles or wings; the angles flattened, reddish, notched in the margin, and bearing a tuft of white, silky hairs in each notch. Flowers small, yellow, tinged with red, springing from the notches; produced in July. Fruit not seen. A native of Brazil; introduced in 1839. This species resembles some of the angular-stemmed kinds of Cereus. It grows freely and flowers annually, if planted in a basket of fibrous soil, and suspended near the glass in a warm greenhouse or stove. It is attractive even when not in flower, owing to the form of its stems and the tufts of long, silky, white hair which spring from the notches. Syn. Lepismium myosurus.