Hatiora salicornioides forma cylindrica (Britton & Rose) Süpplie, Rhipsalidinae; unpaged [65] (1990)

Info from B&R 1923

  • Body - erect, bushy and branching, to 1 m Æ;
  • Shoots -  branching dichotomously or in 3's in a whorl, to 3 cm long, cylindric, light green, sometimes red or flecked red;
  • Flower -  solitary, 12 mm long, orange-yellow;
  • Fruit -  white, slightly purple~spotted, translucent.

Collected by J. N. Rose in company with Dr. Lofgren and Senor Porto at Ilha Grande, Dis­tricto Federal, near Rio de Janeiro, July 22 to 24, 1915.


This distinctive form with ± evenly cylin­drical stem-segments is of sporadic occurrence, being recorded from isolated localities in Bahia (Venceslau Guimaraes in brejo for­est), Espirito Santo (Castelo), Minas Gerais (Camanducaia), Rio de Janeiro (Ilha Grande & Parati-Mirim) and Sao Paulo (Serra da Bocaina).

It is likely that a detailed study of this rather variable species will require the recognition of additional infraspecific taxa.


Desc from Hunt 2006.

Body epiphytic or terrestrial, forming dense masses about 1m diam, branch segments cylindric, up to 3cm, not narrowed at base, pale green, becoming spotted or finally red throughout; flower usually solitary, 12mm; outer tepals ovate, short, red; inner tepals oblong, obtuse, spreading like the outer tepals, orange to yellow; fruit dark purplish red