From Cacti by Borg, 419. 1970
treated as a synonym of S. truncata by B&T 1995
Zygocactus truncatus var. delicatus (N.E. Brown.) = Epiphyllum delicatum N. E. Brown.

From the same district in Brazil. Has a more erect habit of growth. Joints narrower and longer, up to 7 cm. yellowish green or dull green, abruptly truncated at the top, with 3 or 4 very acuminate teeth on each side. Flowers in October-November, the buds are at first pure white, opening to a very delicate pink or flesh-colour; stamens white, style deep pink, with crimson stigma. In a shaded glasshouse the flowers are mostly of a pure glossy white, turning to flesh colour only when fading, sharply in contrast with the crimson ring at the throat and with the highly coloured style and stigma. More than a distinct natural variety, the characters are those of a subspecies