Cassytha filiformis

Uncle Derek (2/19/10) said: In searching old botanical magazines, I came across Exotic Flora 1825 and a Cassytha filiformis and I thought I had solved the ?? that is in our species index. Alas, it had no areoles and thus was not a Cactus! This in turn had me looking at Miller in 1768. I think it might be an idea to put the following in our index

Seems to have stronger links to Cassytha filiformis – The Love vine!

Detail in B&R IV 247. 1923
Rhipsalis filiformis seems to be only a garden name (Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 6: 47. 1896). It may be the same as R. cribrata filiformis Engelhardt (Mollers Deutsche Gart. Zeit. 18: 585. 1903) .