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    Lepismium houlletianum forma regnellii (G. Lindb.)Barthlott & N P Taylor

    Rhipsalis regnellii Lindberg, Gartenflora. 39: 119. 1889
    Treated as a synonym of Rhipsalis houlletiana Lemaire, Illustr. Hort 5: Misc 64. 1858 in S&D 1923
    Treated as Lepismium houlletianum (Lemaire) Barthlott in Bradleya 5 (1987)
    Treated as L. houlletianum forma regnellii (G.A. Lindberg) Barthlott & N.P: Taylor in Bradleya 13. 1995

    Type based on various syntypes. Lectotype (designated here): Minas Gerais, Caldas, between Pogos [de Caldas] and Ventania.- 1861, Regnell [III] 626 (S!; S [2 sheets], NY, US, lectoparas.!).
    Rhipsalis regnellii G.A. Lindberg in Gartenflora 39: 118 (1890).
    Illustration: Plate 7, left.
    This form has plain creamy flowers, the stamens lacking reddish coloration.

    Two photos above: L. houlletianum forma regnellii (Bonn, copyright KAF 10/07). This form has plain creamy flowers with stamens lacking red coloration

    copyright Derek Butcher

    Three photos copyright by Derek Butcher.

    Lepismium houlletianum

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