Acanthorhipsalis incahuasina sp. nova Cardenas Quelques Cactacees Nouvelles de Bolivie. Cactus (France) 34 :125-126 (1952)

Treated as a synonym of L. monacanthum by B&T in Bradleya 13: 1995 now Pfeiffera
Original description based on the Latin and the French.

  • Plant Pendulous, densely branched, hanging from wet and moss-covered cliffs.
  • Roots 1cm diam. 30 – 60cm long
  • Branches to 60cm long, not woody, green, 2 – 3 ribbed, older branches trigonal.
  • Ribs 1.5cm high, 3 – 4 mm wide at base. crenate.
  • Areoles 2cm apart, prominent, 3 – 4mm diam., white tomentose, circular.
  • Spines 8 – 13 radiating, not differentiated in radial and central spines, athough some have 2 – 3 central spines. All spines spread, pale yellow, the younger ones with transversal brown band, the older ones. The shortest spines 2mm long, the middle ones 1cm, the longest 1.2mm long
  • Fruit 1 – 1.5cm diam. globose, tip tuberculate, pink/magenta covered with tubercles with short felt, more numerous towards the apex. Pulp hyaline.
  • Seed few, 1mm diam., reniform, brown, pointy at one edge.

Type Locality Bolivia, Prov. Cordillera, Dept. Santa Cruz, near Cuesta de Incahuasi , on the Lagunillas – Muyupampa road 1200m Feb. 1951 M Cardenas No. 4857 Type in Herb. Cardenasianum