Pfeiffera monacantha (Griseb) P V Heath subsp. kimnachii (Doweld) R Bauer, Cact. Syst. Init. 19: 8. 2005
Acanthorhipsalis monacantha (Grisebach)B&R subsp. kimnachii Doweld, Sukkulenty (Moscow) 4(1-2); 41 2001 pub 2002

Detail from Hunt 2006.
Branches flat; spines 0; pericarp 5-6 x6 mm; pericarp areole inconspicuous, spineless.

A new locality for Pfeiffera monacantha ssp. kimnachii by Bauer in Cact. Syst. Init. 20: 9. 2005
Soon after the publication of my note on this taxon in the previous issue of CSI (Bauer 2005), Michael Kessler (Gottingen) informed me about a third clone of this rare taxon which he had found a few years ago and that had finally flowered and revealed its identity. Since this taxon had been collected only twice before I am pleased to record its third locality here:
Bolivia: Cochabamba, prov. Chapare, Territorio Indigena Parque Nacional Isiboro-Secure, Cordillera de Mosetenes, Laguna Carachupa, 16°14'S/66°25'W, 1250 m; 9 July 2003; Kessler 13425.

I was able to examine the living plant, being cultivated in the `Old Botanical Garden' in Gottingen. It shows the typical stems except for the fact, that very few areoles occasionally bear a single spine. The flowers bear a few tepals more than in the other two collections but are otherwise the same. In the meantime the until then completely spineless Krahn-collection shows a few spines in cultivation as well, demonstrating the relationship to ssp. monacantha.