Lepismium lorentzianum (Grisebach) Barthlott in Bradleya 5: 99 (1987)

  • Plant -epiphytic on forest trees or clambering over rocks, freely rooting along stems; lower part of stem often terete.
  • Branches - thin, flattened or sometimes 3-angled, usually elongated and narrow, sometimes more or less constricted near middle, 3 cm. broad or less, coarsely serrate, usually cuneate at base.
  • Flowers - white, about 4 cm. long.
  • Ovary - oblong, strongly angled, naked except a few scales at the top.
  • Fruit - globose, purplish, 3 mm. in diameter.
  • Type locality - Oran., Argentina.

DISTRIBUTION. Bolivia (Tarija), Argentina (Jujuy, Salta, Tucuman): epiphytic, at 800-1200 m altitude.

This is the sister species of L. warmingianum.

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