Rhipsalis teres forma prismatica (Lemaire) Barthlott & N P Taylor in Bradleya 13 (1995).
Desc from B&R 1923

  • Plant - very much branched, prostrate;
  • Lower branches - elongated and terete;
  • Upper branches - short and some¬what angled;
  • \Areoles - more or less setose;
  • Flowers - white petals usually 5, obtuse;
  • Fruit - small, pinkish to white, globose.

Type locality Not cited but Forster and Weber state it came from Brazil

Note from Bradleya 13
This form has somewhat angular or swollen and bristly ultimate stem-segments. It is particularly common near the coast (ter¬restrial in sand of the restinga, also epilithic and epiphytic) and there takes on the appear¬ance of R. cereuscula, with which it has been in part confused by Scheinvar (1985: 262).