Pseudorhipsalis mataralensis Ritt -"Taxon", XIII: 3, 115. 1964.

Info from Backeberg's Lexicon
Reduced to synonymy under L. ianthothele by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13

Body. hanging from trees, to 20 cm long., branching;
Shoots 7.5 - 12.5 mm broad ;
Ribs. (3-) 4 - 7(-8), 3-5 mm high, sometimes as prominent as in the type-species;
Areoles. white, 5-10 mm apart;
Spines. 9-15, 4 - 8 mm long., thin acicular, yellow or brown, finest ones white;
Flowers. to 1.7 cm long., apical, white;
Petals. rounded;
Tube. 1 mm long., nectary scarcely recognizable;
Ovary. 6 mm long and to 6 mm broad;
Filaments, style and Stigma. white;
Ovary. green;
Fruit. 1.5 cm long., spherical, yellowish-green, white-bristly;
Seeds. 1.2 mm long., semi-matt, black, curving.
Habitat - Bolivia Dept. Santa Cruz, Prov. Florida, Mataral) (FR 363).

var. floccosa Ritt.-loc..cit.:
Areoles. larger, more woolly, to 2 mm diam (in v. mataralensis only 1.5 mm diam);
Spines. rather stouter.
Habitat - Bolivia (Dept. Cochabamba, Prov. Campero, Quiroga) (FR 881).

Notes from Hunt 2006: Differs from type by its stiffer, multiribbed, cereoid stems

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