Pseudorhipsalis multigona Cardenas. - "Cactus" (Paris), 19-82, 51-52.1964

Info from Backeberg’s Lexicon
Reduced to synonymy under L. ianthothele by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13. now Pfeiffera

Body. hanging;
Shoots thin, rounded, to 25 cm long., pale green, to 1 cm diam;
Ribs. about 7, tuberculate;
Areoles. to 7 mm apart, round, prominent, pale brown;
Spines. acicular, very thin, 6 - 7, 3-10 mm long., pale brown;
Central spine. occasionally 1;
Flowers. apical, 1.5 cm long., white;
Petals. ca. 9;
Fruit. spherical, pale yellow, c. 1 cm diam, watery;
Seeds. 1.2 mm long., glossy, black.
Habitat - Bolivia (Prov. Azero, Dept. Chuquisaca, road from Monteagudo to Camiri, 1100 m). An interesting species, clearly differentiated by its subterete and finely tuberculate shoots.

Ritter also mentions the following newly named species: P. gibberosperma Ritt.; P. gracilis Ritt., “ very slender, with many ribs and thin spines"; P. tarijensis Ritt., “weakly spined", ribs. fairly low (FR 880).