R. parasitica De Candolle in Prodromus Systematis Naturalis Regni Vegetabilis 3 : 475-476. 1828 (page 476).

6. R. PARASITICA, pendula ramosa glabra, ramis striatis seu undulato-repandis. ? in
ins. Caribaeis. Plum. ed. Burm. t. 197. f. 2. Flores omninò R. cassythae var dichotomae
similis. Species vix nota, calibus(calycis ?) sinuoso-angustatis distincta. †.

Translation to English
Plant pendulous glabrous branches, branches with linear grooves or undulate edges. Growing on the Caribbean islands. Flowers all similar to Cassytha var. dichotoma. A barely distinct species with petals distinctly narrow and wavy. Specimen deceased.

Treated as a synonym of R. baccifera ssp. baccifera by B&T in Bradleya 13



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