Rhipsalis penduliflora
Description in Cactaceae of Santa Catarina by Leia Scheiner 1984
Plant epiphytic, to 4m long, many branches, heteromorphic, filiforme, light green

  • Roots numerous adventitious
  • Primary stems to 60cm long, more or less 3mm thick, with 3-5 verticillate brabches; secondary stems dichotomous and triverticillate, incurved, soft, 2-2.5 cm long with small dots on the upper face.
  • Areoles very small, with a reduced deltoid basal scale, where two white bristles emerge from the axil, more or less 1mm diam, short, blunt
  • Flowers 1-2 each areole, campanulate, terminal, pendulous, 11-12mm long, white.
  • Pericarp immersed, semi-globular, 3-6mm long, about 3mm diam, green
  • Receptacle tube very short, about 7mm wide.
  • Exterior Perianth segments 4, thick, deltoid, obtuse at the tip, green with red tip
    Interior segments 6-8, oblong, with obtuse tip, seldom emarginate, about 8mm long, about 2mm wide, white, seldom variegated with red.
  • Stamens reaching 1/3 above the inner segments of the perianth, white, with reddish base, anthers dorsifixed, rectangular, about 0.3mm long, 0.5mm wide, twisted together forming a peak, Pollen grains globularto prolate, tricolpate, 44(50)57 microns diam, surface equinulate-anulopunctate, colpas ample, with opercule of similar structure as the face of the grain. Style about 5mm long, white, 4/5 stigma lobes,linear, about 3.5mm long, diverging, emerging above the stamens, white.
  • Fruit a berry, globose to ellipsoid, glabrous, orange, 5-8mm diam.
  • Seeds narrow oblong, with an acute tip, incurved, 1.6-1.8mm long, 0.4 –0.8mm wide, dark reddish brown, the hilum cup lateral sub-basal with tegument wing near them; teats reticulate, irregular cellular, oblong, with sinuous walls, narrow, immerged and with a smooth face

Type not designated. Locality of type Brazil without exact location.

Phenologia Flowers in June to August and fruits the following year, encountering mature fruit in April