Rhipsalis penduliflora N.E. Brown
Reduced to synonymy under R. cereuscula by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13
Info from Backeberg’s Lexicon 1976

  • Body. bushy, branching, hanging;
  • Shoots ; elongated, to 15 cm long., older ones terete, finely pitted, terminal shoots to 1.2 cm long., vivid green;
  • Areoles. with 2 hairs to 1 mm long;
  • Flowers. apical, c. 1.2 cm diam. whitish, tipped reddish;
  • Ovary. hemispherical to pear-shaped;
  • Filaments. salmon-coloured below;
  • Fruit. spherical to ellipsoid, translucent white.

Habitat - Brazil (Minas Geraes, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Parana to Santa Catharina).

Notes from Backeberg’s Lexicon :- Br. & R. refer R. cribrata to this species although the former shows the following differences from R. penduliflora: Ovary differently shaped, Filaments. mid-yellow, rising from a red annulus.



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