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Rhipsalis pittieri (Britton and Rose) Barthlott and N P Taylor

R. floccosa subsp. pittieri (Britton & Rose) Barthlott and N P Taylor in Bradleya 13 (1995)

  • Plant -epiphytic, resembling in habit Rhipsalis cassutha.
  • Branches - 5 to 6 mm. in diameter, dull green, terete.
  • Petals - greenish yellow, 5 to 6 mm. long.
  • Ovary - sunken in the stem, surrounded by white hairs.
  • Fruit - maturing very slowly, white.
  • Seeds - black.

Collected by H. Pittier near Hacienda Koster, Borburata, near Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, in 1913 (No.6467), and flowered first in Washington in the fall of 1914 (October 16), the fruit maturing March 16, 1915. The plant has repeatedly flowered since.

Notes from Bradleya 13

DISTRIBUTION. Venezuela (Yaracuy, Carabobo, Aragna, Distrito Federal, Miranda): epiphyte, to 1500 m altitude.

Very like subspecies floccosa, but with generally more slender stem-segments and somewhat smaller flowers and fruits. It is considerably disjunct from the remainder of the species, although it is possible that its range has been under-recorded through confusion with R. baccifera.

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