Rhipsalidopsis rosea v. remanens
Backeberg in vol. 6 of his "Die Cactaceae", 1962, pages 3644 - 3646, gives a discussion on Rhipsalidopsis rosea. His conclusion is that Rh. rosea is variable in its habit. He also diagnoses a new var.: Rhipsalidopsis rosea v. remanens Backebg. n. var.:

Differt a typo ramis gracilioribus, plurium quinque- vel quadricostatis; areolis setiferis; saetis ca. ad 8.
Differs from the type by smaller branches, mostly 5 or 4 -angled; with areoles bearing up to 8 bristles.

Backeberg states: this var. is generally very slowly growing, but has same flowers as the typus.