Rhipsalis baccifera ssp. baccifera Considered by most to be the ssp best suited for this old variety. The following move generally disregarded: Rhipsalis baccifera subsp. rhodocarpa (Web.) Supplie, Rhipsalis & Lepismium. 97. ?date 2000

Description: branches up to 60cm long, mostly shorter. Areoles with bristles. Flowers small, whitish.

Comments: The fruits of this plant do ripen very slowly. First white and red after several months. Seen by Hunt et al. as the same as baccifera subsp. baccifera, but if that is the case also the subsp. cleistogama, subsp. erythrocarpa and subsp. hileiabaiana are the same as baccifera subsp. baccifera.

Rhipsalis cassutha var rhodocarpa Weber, Dict. Hort. Bois 1046. 1898

Detail from B&R 1937 under R. cassutha
The fruit of Rhipsalis cassutha, while usually white, is sometimes described as red or pinkish. Hooker, in his Exotic Flora, figured and described the fruit as flesh-colored. Weber, who
received a red-fruited form from Costa Rica, has named it variety rhodocarpa (Dict. Hort. Bois 1046. 1898).