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Rhipsalis robusta Lem., Rev. Hort. 4:520.1860, nom. nud.
Notes; R. robusta was described from a specimen cultivated in France. No formal description or diagnosis was presented, preventing a correct application of this name.

R. robusta Lemaire, Rev. Hort. IV. 9: 502 (1890)

Reduced to synonymy under R. pachyptera by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13
Info from Backeberg’s Lexicon

Body. shrubby erect to hanging;
Shoots to ca. 20 cm long., ca. 10 cm broad, elliptic or ovate, rounded above, tapering below, sometimes 3-winged, matt dark green, notches rather deep, median-rib very thick, secondary veins prominent;
Areoles . at first with tiny red leaf, also nectar-glands secreting clear droplets before anthesis, with 1 or more bristles which are carmine at first;
Flower to 6 from an areole, to c. 1.5cm long., 1.8 cm diam, opening widely, creamy-yellow; Style white;
Stigma white, papillose;
Ovary. top-shaped;
Fruit. white, spherical, truncate, with floral remains;
Seed ovoid, brown.
Habitat - Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina).

An interesting species in which new shoots can also have 5 angles, but more often 3.


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