Rhipsalis suareziana Weber, Rev. Hort. 64; 425. 1892

Treated as a synonym of Rhipsalis prismatica in B&R 1923
Treated as R. baccifera ss horrida by Barthlott and Taylor in Bradleya 1995

Sent in 1889 from Diego-Suarez (Northerly point of Madagascar) by M. Rigal (No.360).

Species distinct, intermediate between the groups of cylindrical Rhipsalis and the jointed Rhipsalis, remarkable by the small upper branches 5 or 6 sided and bristly.

Stem thin, very branched, pendent or erect, of a clear green, 2.5mm diam.

Branches in two forms, one thin and long, the other short and very numerous, not verticillate; the young branches are short (1-3 cm), fusiform or prismatic, to 4 or 5 angles with areoles with a small reddish scale and some small white bristles.

Flowers in Sept. and Oct., small, lateral, disposed the length of the branches.

I have not seen it in bud and cannot describe it.

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