Rhipsalis wercklei Berger, Monatschr. Kakteenk. 16: 64. (1906)
Reduced to synonymy under R. micrantha f. micrantha by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13

Info from Backeberg’s Lexicon and Flora of Costa Rica 1937/8

  • Body. shrubby, branching from the base and higher, hanging, to 1.5 m long;
  • Shoots fresh green, primary shoots mostly 3-angled, robust, spreading and projecting, truncate above, with fairly broad surfaces, in 3’s and 5's one above the other at the apex, tipped with 1-2 (-3) flattened shoots, these in turn with 1-2 similar shoots, 15 (-20) cm long, linear, rather bluntly tapering to both ends, to 1.8 cm broad at midway, angles little sunken, middle vein distinct;
  • Flowers. lateral, to 9 mm diam., creamy-white;
  • Petals 4, sepals 2
  • Ovary. naked or with 1 minute scale, greemsh to yellowish-white.
  • Fruit white, globose, naked or with a few small scales, 5 mm long

    Habitat Costa Rica (near Navarro).

Notes from Flora of Costa Rica 1937/8 “Closely relayed to R. tonduzii, from which Britton and Rose were unable to distinguish it, although they did not reduce it to synonymy”