Rhipsalis zanzibarica Weber, Rev. Hort. 64:425. 1892

Sent from Zanzibar to Jardin des Plantes in Paris from R P Sacleux in 1888.
Resembles certain forms of R. cassutha of which it is not perhaps a very vigorous variety

  • Stem vigorous, firstly erect, then arched and falling again, 3.5mm to 5mm diam.,. Branches long, green, narrowing to the top, almost sharp, coming up from the lower part of the stem, at other times verticillate. Areoles spaced out, small, with a white obtuse scale.
  • Flowers numerous in Aug. and Sept, lateral, appearing above all on the more young branches, small, greenish, 8mm long, 5mm diam.
  • Ovary naked, green, long, as long as the perianth (4mm),
  • Sepals 2 or 3, small, greenish.
  • Petals 5 whitish on the inside, greenish on the outside, cucullate, hollowed out in the form of a spoon.
  • Stamens about 20, shorter than the petals, a little spreading, whitish-green
  • Anthers small, yellowish, style much larger, white greenish, 4mm long, with 3 large stigmas at the top, white.
  • Berry white, 7mm long, 6mm diam., almost round, full with sticky sap, containing15-20 dark brown seed, smooth, 1mm long