Rhipsalis baccifera subsp. ft dauphinensis Süpplie subsp.nov. Treated as a synonym of R. baccifera ssp. mauritiana in Hunt 2006 Description in BCSJ 14(2): 90 (1996)

Caulus primo erectae fruticem 30-35 cm altam formant; deinde plus minusve dependeunt; in plantis veteribus rami longitudinem 45 cm vel plus assequuntur. Rami inter 7mm et 40cm longitudine, usque ad 4mm diametro, subvirides ad atrorubri. Areolae primo setis instructae, postea deciduae. Flores abundantes, parvi ad 8mm diametro, albidi; tepale ad 3mm longa et 2mm lata. Flores autofertiles, terminales et e marginibus ramorum. Fructus 6-8mm diametro, immaturus viridis, maturus sordibus albus, corolla siccata in fructu persistente; pulpa clara alba. Semen atrobruneum, 10-35 grana per fructum. Holotypus in Herbario Universitatis Ultraiecti, Hollandia depositus.

  • Plant has a bushy growth and makes a shrublet 30-35cm high, later with more or less hanging growth with a total length of 45cm or more in older plants*.
  • Branches very variable in lenght, between 7mm and 40cm long with a maximum diameter of 4mm, light green to dark red.
  • Areoles initially with several bristles but these disappear later.
  • Flowers small, up to 8mm across, whitish, terminal on the branches but also on the sides and self fertile.
  • Tepals 7, to 3mm long and 2mm broad.
  • Fruit green but dirty white when ripe, 6-8mm across, retaining the dried flower. The pulp is transparent white.
  • Seeds dark brown coloured, 10-35 in one fruit.
  • Type locality unadvised
  • Type material is deposited in the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands**

* plants take 6 - 9 years to reach this size under normal growing conditions.

** a second specimen is edited to the herbarium of the Epric Foundation in 2000

This new subspecies was found in 1983 and was in my collection in 1984. (Süpplie)

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