R. burchellii Britton & Rose Cact. 4: 225 (1923)

Eaton's R. burchellii #202

  • Plant - much branched, very weak, with long slender hanging branches, the branching usually dichotomous; ultimate branches usually 4 to 10 cm. long. 
  • Flowers - subterminal, campanulate, 10 to 12 mm. long, white.
  • Fruit - turbinate, rose.colored.
This plant is very common in the forests about Sao Paulo. Dr. Rose collected it in the forest of Jabaquara, August 15, 1915 (No.20857, type), and also in the Botanical Garden of Museu Paulista on August 14,1915 (No.20849).



This species is named for William John Burchell (1781-1863), who went to Brazil in 1825, where he made large and valuable collections.

DISTRIBUTION - Brazil (Sao Paulo, Parana, Santa Catarina?): epiphyte in seasonal Atlantic forest, to c. 800 m altitude

Difficult to distinguish from the widespread and common orange-fruited R. campos-portoana Lofgren in the herbarium, if fruit colour details are lacking (fruits brilliant reddish/purplish-magenta).