Lepismium chrysanthum (Loefgren.) Backeberg.

Reduced to synonymy under possibly R. dissimilis f. dissimilis by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13

Desc from Backeberg 1977

  • Body. more or less erect rigid;
  • Stems. branching dichotomously or in whorls,
  • Segments. 3 - 8 cm long., to 12 mm diam., greyish. green;
  • Areoles. with more or less woolly felt and bristles (these later disappearing);
  • Scales. vivid red;
  • Flower. more or less terminal relatively large, opening widely;
  • Fruit. small, red.
  • Habitat - Brazil (Parana, coast)

Detail in B&R IV 247. 1923

Rhipsalis chrysantha Loefgren, Arch. Jard. Bot. Rio de Janeiro l: 99. 1915.

We know this species only from description. Lofgren places it in his subgenus Lepismium near Rhipsalis dissimilis, but his descriptions suggest R. rosea (our Rhipsalidopsis rosea). Both names are based on Dr. P. Dusen's collections from Parama, BraziI. It It seems near R. puniceo-discus.