Lepismium cruciforme var. cavernosum (Lindbg.) Backbg.

Treated as a synonym of L. cruciforme by B&T in Bradleya 13

Desc from Backeberg 1977

Flowers translucent white

R Knightii (Knight's) - Stems and joints as in R. commune.

Detail from Cactus Culture – Watson 1889: Wings of joints usually broad, with red margins, and the hair in the notches in a dense tuft, nearly 1 in. long, pure white, and silk­like. Flowers small, white. This species, which thrives best under warm-house treatment, is a native of Brazil, and is usually grown only for its curious, Cereus-like stems. It forms a straggling plant about 1 ft. high. Syn. Lepismium Knightii, Cereus Knightii.

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