Rhipsalis virgata Weber, Rev. Hort. 64: 425. (1892)

Reduced to synonymy under R. teres f. teres by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13

Photo from Brussels Botanic Garden, ©K Friedman 10/2003

Info from Britton and Rose

  • Main stem or branches 1 meter long or more; terete, about 5 mm. thick, erect or ascending but
    in time often pendent, often bearing aerial roots;
  • Upper branches short, 1 to 6 cm. long, terete;
  • Areoles small, a little hairy, often with a white or pinkish bristle subtended by a minute bract;
  • Flowers borne along sides of the 2 and 3-year old branches, solitary at areoles, rotate, 8 to 10 mm. broad, open throughout day;
  • Outer perianth.segments few, ovate, greenish yellow, sometimes tinged with red;
  • Inner perianth.segments 4 to 6, oblong, cream-colored, obtuse;
  • Filaments erect, white;
  • Style white, about as long as stamens;
  • Stigma-lobes 3, white;
  • Ovary broader than high, crowned by a circle of scales and bearing one on the side.

Type locality: Described from a garden plant supposed to have come from Brazil.

Distribution: Eastern Brazil.

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